Legacy of Love

In 1982, Princes Diana, married one year to Prince Charles, gave birth to her son William, or “Wills” as she called him. The world watched in wonder as the Royal family grew. Joined soon by baby brother Prince Harry, the four of them seemed the perfect family. We all know how that story ended, years of scandal and heartache, culminating in the tragic death of Princess Diana. This picture, however, captures only the purity of a mother’s love for her beloved boys, as well as the unmistakable elegance  for which Diana was so well known.

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry

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A New Beginning

Flash forward thirty-one years, and little “Wills” is all grown up, a proud Daddy married to the “fairest of the land”- the always graceful Kate Middleton. Here the new parents are both glowing with love and life, cherishing their just days-old baby, Prince George. While we are sure sleepless nights and weary days await these two, (who will no doubt be as hands-on with parenting as Princess Di was known to be), how lovely it is to see them shining with happiness over their new blessed babe.


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Hush Little Baby

And let’s look at the wee prince now, and a bonny one he is! What a lucky boy, to be welcomed into the world by such loving parents, not to mention some rather notable grandparents and great grandparents!  The whole world seemed to hush for a moment as he was presented. We are sure his grandmother Diana was watching too, her heart full of love at the birth of this new royal family.

George Alexander Louis

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silver charm bracelet











Hollywood’s glitterati know that red carpet events turn heads. Award shows and movie premiers offer opportunities for opulence and dazzling displays of glamour, so perhaps the most brilliant thing about the Cannes Film Festival, which kick starts the summer every year in the south of  France, is that there are umpteen events at which the stars can shine and strut their stuff. Here are three gorgeous looks that rocked the red carpet at Cannes this year, setting the tone for a sizzling summer.

Regal and Radiant

Uma Thurman, at age 43, is more beautiful than ever in this  bold yet elegant pearl- toned gown. We love how the mix of classic and futurist styling in the  sleekly structured bodice contrasts with the softy flowing skirt and train. Her elegantly slicked back hairstyle works well with the dangly diamond earrings, balanced perfectly by two shimmering bracelets. All in all, Thurman’s luminescent look radiates strength and poise.


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diamond earrings

Sophisticated and Sexy

No stranger to the red carpet,  Golden Globe winner Jessica Chastain looks like a starlet from days gone by in this demure yet stunning long sleeved gown circa 1935. We  simply adore this “more is less” approach. All this beautifully cut dress requires is the elegant jeweled pendant to accessorize, and of course,  Chastain’s scarlet tresses  swept to the side in a retro wave. Very Chic!


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circle diamond pendant necklace

Fabulous and Fashion Forward

Our favorite look from Cannes comes from singer and fashion standout Solange Knowles. Sailing in on this summer’s trend for vintage-inspired  fabrics, Solange is breathtaking in a windswept champagne gown. Her  fabulous natural curls are a perfect match for this  dramatically feminine dress, and the sparkly drop earrings add just the right amount of contrast to the organic, earth-toned look. Cutting-edge perfection!


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ball drop earrings


This month the must-see movie is The Great Gatsby, and why is this film generating so much buzz? Start with star power extraordinaire!  Based on the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and directed by Baz Luhrman (who also directed the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet, as well as  Moulin Rouge- so expect dazzling color, glitz and vertigo), 2013’s The Great Gatsby boasts Leonardo Dicaprio in the title role,  and an  impressive supporting cast. Mix in  the  glittering, gin-soaked, roaring 20’s and you have a movie that is sure to influence fashion this season.

Diamond Dames

Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker is the ultimate flapper, bejeweled in geometric diamonds  over a chic black dress. This style is oh-so-sleek  and sophisticated, while boldly making a show of all that shiny bling.

Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker

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Pearl Perfection

More demure, but equally as glamorous is Cary Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby’s idealized  love obsession. In this shot from the film, Daisy’s classic twenties bob is adorned with a diamond headband, complimenting the sparkle of her champagne cocktail dress. But it’s the multi-strand  pearl bracelet that seems the most authentic  accessory from the era- we simply adore the art-deco ring clasp!

Carey Mulligan  as Daisy

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pearl bracelet

Flirting with Fire

Isla Fisher’s character, Myrtle Wilson, has a look that this is flirty and fun, if not a wee bit trashy. This colorful style suits the character’s unfortunate station in life, and matches her flaming hair. But at the Great Gatsby premiere, red-headed Fisher displayed her own elegant personal style.


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Glamour Girl

Love her or hate her- there is no denying Kim Kardashian turns heads. And her power to influence fashion is not from nothing- the  raven-haired beauty was the highest-earning reality star in 2010 – a cool $6 million, give or take. Sometimes shabby-chic in boho scarves and over-sized sunglasses, this  queen of the social scene knows how to turn up the volume for more formal affairs. In this look, Kim is glamorously gilded, from her gold-dust make-up to her fabulous accessories.

Kim Kardashian in shining gold.

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gold and diamond earrings

Great Expectations

Now that Kim is pregnant with Kanye West’s child, women (and the paparazzi)  will be paying even more attention to what Kim wears in the next few months. We think this is Kim’s opportunity to really make a statement, and so far, she isn’t letting us down. Always known for her fabulous curves, Kim can now prove to us all that maternity fashions needn’t hide a thing. Not many would have the confidence to rock a form- fitting white gown while growing a new baby bump- but we’re glad Ms. Kardashian did!

pregnant Kim Kardashian in white gown

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white gold and diamond bangle bracelet

Chic for Two

This latest  look by Kim Kardashian has been receiving a lot of buzz in the media- and not all of it good.  We think  the naysayers were dropped on their heads as babes- Kim looks simply beautiful in this demure, perfect- for-spring blouse and skirt. The look is understated, fresh and feminine, and the classic  diamond stud earrings are a perfect match. Pregnant ladies and curvy women everywhere take note- smocks and  billowy cover-ups are out- tailored, stylish clothes are in!

pregnant Kim Kardashian in white skirt

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We are still star-struck by this year’s Oscar extravaganza – Hollywood’s big night to shine didn’t disappoint. When all eyes are expecting big  glamour, big  style, and yes, the occasional  big disaster, every detail is chosen with the greatest care. Here are our top three looks from this year’s biggest and brightest award show:

Statuesque Charlize

Number one: Charlize Theron. Not many could pull off this short, cropped haircut and modern, sharp-lined gown without looking severe, yet Charlize shows us how it is done. Her look is graceful, womanly and sophisticated- we love how easily her platinum hair compliments the pearl white fabric of her dress- and of course her flawless gold-kissed skin and classic bone structure don’t hurt! What a great choice to skip the necklace and let the dramatic cut of the dress make a statement. This outfit is perfectly accessorized by the sparkly bling on her wrist. Understated and gorgeous!


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triple strand pearl bracelet


Gorgeous Garner

Number two: Jennifer Garner. This busy mother of three is also a  classic Hollywood beauty, and she shows off her sultry curves and stunning style in this beautiful purple gown. We love the delicate design of her diamond necklace, which makes the perfect focal point, competing only with her shining smile!


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diamond pendant necklace

Still Fond of Fonda

Our number three choice for top Oscar look is none other than Jane Fonda.  We think she rivals Oscar himself for golden appeal in this beautifully cut, form fitting yellow gown with gold banding at the waist- accented by her gold clutch and dangling gold earrings.  To look so gorgeous, fit and glowing at 75? How does she do it?


You too could show off Jane’s timeless shine in these spectacular yellow gold and diamond earrings.

gold and diamond snake earrings


While Hollywoods celebs display the latest runway  looks on the red carpet,  fashion is often inspired by the characters that  actors play on the silver screen, and 2012 was no exception. Several movies that made their  debut in late 2012 featured exquisite period costumes- every piece of lace and  every sparkly  gem  the work of a dedicated costume department. Three looks in particular caught our eye (and our imagination, not surprisingly, as all three  inspiring movies were based on dramatic, classic books!)

Russian Passion

Keira Knightley,  who plays the title role in Anna Karenina, personifies the aristocracy of   19th Century Russia with   her coiffed curls and fussy, ruffled fabrics. Yet those ropes of pearls against her  bare skin suggest the passion simmering beneath society- in her look we see both the confines of her social status and the love that will be her undoing.


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diamond earrings

French Style

If Keira smolders as Anna Karenina, then  Amanda Seyfried  simply glows as Cosette, the ingenue in the bloom of first  love  in   Les Miserables’ 19th Century France. In every scene, Cosette’s clothes and accessories reflect not only the finery of the period, but also her angelic presence and trusting innocence. Here, on her wedding day to Marius, Cosette’s wreath of flowers and golden white gown are modestly complimented with simple drop earrings.

Cosette and Marius

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pearl drop earrings

Elvish Elegance

Although our third inspiring heroine comes from the realm of fantasy rather than historical fiction, Cate Blanchette’s ethereal beauty as  Galadriel  in The Hobbit need not be  lost forever in the mists of Middle Earth. Peter Jackson, adapting Tolkein’s  The Hobbit for a three-part big-screen saga, draws from familiar cultural sources to create  the visually stunning world of the high elves. Galadriel stands out not simply because she is the only female character in this first Hobbit movie, but because her otherworldliness is expressed so elegantly, her crown and dress a blend of celtic and art nouveau influences.


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Sirens of Song

19 Dec 2012 In: Celebrities, Droolery, Earrings, Jewelry

Everyone knows music influences fashion- or does fashion influence music? Either way, the pop charts  seem to be dominated  by women whose style hits all the right notes.  For those of us who aren’t in the spotlight, the over the top glam of Lady Gaga or Niki Minaj might look a little out of reach, (or even out of touch!) but there are several celeb songbirds whose passion for fashion has us all singing along.

Sixties Swing

One of  our favorite singers de jour is Adele, whose husky vocal stylings are perfectly matched by her retro looks. Rumor has it Adele’s sultry look is catching on- and now that she is an unofficial Bond girl she is sure to be a hitmaker with some staying power. Here, Adele’s classy black dress is in perfect harmony with her sixties-styled curls, offset, of course by those  large diamond earrings that twinkle like her knowing smile.


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silver floral earrings with purple gemstones

Fashion Rocks

The confident vocals of Gwen Stefani are instantly recognizable, and so is her unique style. Who else could have brought harajuku fashion to the mainstream?  Stefani often references retro-era fashion, but boldly adds her own twist, making the look as fresh as her no-nonsense lyrics. Here Stefani’s crimson-red lips and white- blonde hair might make you think she is simply channeling Marilyn Monroe, but she  keeps our attention with those matching, modern gold rings.


No Doubt, you could get attention with a beautifully bold gold ring like this one.

 gold wedding ring

Pop Star Shine

An emotional and powerful singer, Rhianna is one who can play both sides of the fashion game- outrageously styled and edgy one minute, and approachable and  pretty the next.  We like her look here- the long layered chains dress up the otherwise fun and causal image. What a great way to accessorize a simple white tank.


If you want to “Shine Bright Like a Diamond,” you could try adding this glimmering textured necklace to your look.

gold and silver necklace

Celebrating Camelot

28 Nov 2012 In: Celebrities, Droolery, Earrings, Jewelry

Celebrities are natural trend-setters, as the paparazzi swoop in daily  to note who pulls off their look with flair, and what (or who) they wear, or  how they style their hair. But when it comes to the true icons of style, we are in the Realm of the Royals. Women such as Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana were style personified in their day, but who are the heirs to the throne? Fortunately we are  indeed blessed to live in an era with its own fashion royalty.  Who are these fashion heads of state? These embodiments of elegance and grace? Let’s start with Britain’s new crown jewel, Kate Middleton:

Princess Charming

With classic beauty and natural poise, Kate has captured the fashion world’s attention. Her  style is instantly copied as soon as she steps out- and she always finds the right way to accessorize her frock. Not one for over-doing the bling, Kate instead chooses exquisite jewelry that compliments both the sweetness of  her smile and chicness of her style. Here, Kate’s jewelry works perfectly  with her upswept hair and romantic neckline.

Kate Middleton

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diamond hoop earrings

American Royalty

As the mother  of America’s First Family, Michelle Obama embodies strength and self-possession, and never fails to dress to impress.  Often seen in bold jewel-toned color and figure-flattering designs, Michelle’s look conveys  confidence with class. Not afraid to make a statement with unique jewelry, the First Lady leads the nation in fashion for today’s woman: feminine, powerful, and in control. We are quite certain Michelle’s appearance of beauty and elegance in the spotlight contributed in no small measure to her husband’s re-election. Who wouldn’t vote for the man behind this regal woman?

These two examples show Michelle’s ability of offset her formal  gowns with stunning jewelry. We especially love the brilliant  pearl and floral necklace with her magenta dress.

Michelle Obama


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silver floral necklace


Scarlet Starlets

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They say blonds have more fun, but Hollywood’s famous red-heads shine with a light all their own.   These three actresses were born with flaming tresses and a flare for the dramatic, and they  know just how to ornament their natural good looks.

Red Gold

A classic beauty, acclaimed actress Julianne  Moore has both range and sparkle. Famous for her roles  in movies as diverse as  Boogie Nights,  Magnolia,  Far From Heaven and The Hours, Julianne is always radiant  and composed at public appearances. This luxurious gold necklace perfectly  compliments the fiery  tones of her hair.
Julianne Moore
Glow like Julianne in this luxe gold necklace.
Gold Nugget Necklace

Retro Red Head

Christina Hendricks of the hit AMC show  Mad Men is today’s bombshell in every sense of the word. That smile, those eyes,  that gorgeous copper-toned hair, and of course, her stunning figure.  Christina owns her voluptuous curves,  helping Hollywood recall that beauty comes in many glorious forms. Here Ms. Hendricks  is the picture of elegance- her sparkly dangle earrings are just the right shape for the wide neckline of her retro-styled dress.
Christina Hendricks wearing dangle earrings
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silver and pearl dangle earrings

Fire and Ice

Cynthia Nixon,  known to most as Miranda Hobbes,  the  career-driven straight-talking  redhead from  Sex in the City,  has a bold style  that seems to match her famous character’s disposition. Drawing attention to her ivory skin and strawberry-blond locks,  her diamond drop earrings make a glamorous and strong statement.
Cynthia Nixon wearing diamond earrings
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diamond drop earrings

Wrapped Around His Finger

24 Sep 2012 In: Celebrities, Jewelry, TV shows

Hollywood’s leading men are not likely marriage prospects for most. But a gal’s gotta dream, doesn’t she? This post is dedicated to fantasy- and is a tribute- to the men whose on and off screen characters has them shining in a category all their own.

Lord of the Rings

Author, poet, musician and photographer, Viggo Mortensen is an actor of depth and feeling. Whether playing the wandering hero Aragorn in the LOTR films or Old Bull Lee in the upcoming film “On the Road” (based on the Jack Kerouac novel), Mortensen’s performances are potent, memorable, and rooted in character. Known to appear at interviews barefoot, this is one Hollywood star who marches to the beat of his own drum, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Viggo Mortensen

If Viggo were to tie the knot, perhaps he would chose this artistic, Celtic- inspired men’s wedding ring.

men's celtic ring

Rock Solid

If his award winning role as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock is anything like his off-camera persona, Alec Baldwin is all man, and all smooth confidence. Known for his rich, mellow voice and perfect comic timing, Baldwin’s appeal has stood the test of time and scandal. We’re sure his new, young wife Hilaria Thomas appreciates his classic style.

Alec Baldwin

This classic, sharp-edged men’s ring would suit Alec’s steely masculinity.

classic gold  men's wedding ring

What’s in the Box?

The accomplishments of Justin Timberlake can not be understated- not only did he bring sexy back, (and oh, are we grateful), he brought Saturday Night Live streaming into the YouTube era with his hilarious sketch comedy and cheeky songwriting skills. While also acclaimed for his dramatic abilities, on display in his new movie “Trouble with the Curve,” what we love most about J.T. is that somehow with all that talent, he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously.

Justin Timberlake

Justin’s fun, energetic personality shines just like this bold, stylish men’s wedding ring.

classic gold  men's wedding ring

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