Happy Birthday Sweet 16

Celebrity Children are All Grown Up

Prince’s son and Madonna’s daughter are both 16 years old this year, as are Jude Law’s son and Martin Lawrence’s daughter. Lindsay Lohan’s little sister Dakota turns 16 this year as well.


Celebrity Teens

Hollywood can be confusing. Some of its senior citizens look like they are in their thirties; some of its tweens look the same age. This week, Celebrity Icing went hunting for some famous 16 year olds to see what they were wearing. We found some styles that had us singing ‘happy birthday sweet sixteen,’ but we also found some sour notes along the way.Here’s the perfect soundtrack, so press play and enjoy this song while you read…

Taylor Momsey

Jenny or “Little J” on Gossip Girl started off as a sweetheart and ended up rock n roll eye shadowed tart. Taylor Momsey seems to have a similar split personality in real life. Here she is, looking fresh-faced and age appropriate.



And here we have Taylor performing on stage with her band, trying to fill Avril LaVigne’s shoes, perhaps…



We would have preferred a less revealing and provocative outfit, with some rock and roll accessories instead. These twisted silver hoop earrings are a great way to hint that you may be a wild child.


Dakota Fanning



A sweet photo evocative of little red riding hood. A charm bracelet or fun heart tag bracelet would really top off her look.


“Whatever happened to that funny face,

My little tomboy now wears satin and lace”

Below, Dakota’s look may be a bit over-sophisticated for your average teen, but at least it isn’t a corset with a garter belt, as pictured above.


She looks like she is in her early twenties, a pair of converse running shoes would be better than those heels.


Corde Broadus

It was actually a challenge to find pictures of Corde wearing more than board shorts. Snoop Dogg’s oldest son’s closet must be full of swimwear, which seems appropriate for an athletic 16 year old teenager growing up in California. I believe the photo below (he is on the left) was taken at his 16th birthday party, last May.



This look is quite formal for a teen, but probably mandatory at many private schools… the small earring is a subtle expression of his personal style.