Active people who are involved in sports, or whose careers require a lot of physical activity, accessorize differently from the rest of us. For example, a tri-athlete will not want a big pointy, scratchy rock on her finger if she wants to wear her engagement ring when she is training. In fact, it’s a good general rule to remove all jewelry when you are playing sports -and in many cases it is against the rules to wear jewelry during competitive sports.


In this exception, you can see pole vaulter Kate Dennison wearing earrings and a wristwatch. In contact sports you remove jewelry because you might hurt your team mates or opponents. In this case, Dennison is only a danger to herself – for example, she could catch her earring on something and rip her ear lobe.


In contrast, it seems that quite a few baseball players have been wearing necklaces to improve their health. You can read more about the titanium necklaces at (Titanium Baseball Neckwear Big on Hype, Short on Science by Brian Mossop).


According to the Etch a Sketch site, Soccer player Raul Gonzales kisses his ring finger every time he scores a goal – one way to make up for taking his wedding ring off before the game!

Jewelry and Sports

  • It’s a good idea to remove your jewelry before participating in sports. The same guidelines apply to jobs that require physical activity or operating machinery.
  • There will always be exceptions: golfers often wear necklaces (or even anklets).
  • Competitive sports, sport associations, and schools will have their own set of rules related to jewelry.
  • When you remove jewelry you protect yourself and others from harm.

Jewelry Styles for Active People

It is somewhat of a stereotype (there are plenty of exceptions), but many male and female athletes have a simple, streamlined style. Their jewelry tends to be white gold or silver rather than yellow gold, with simple lines, smooth settings, and embedded stones.

This engagement ring would be the perfect fit for an athletic woman – strong and beautiful.