Everyone knows music influences fashion- or does fashion influence music? Either way, the pop charts  seem to be dominated  by women whose style hits all the right notes.  For those of us who aren’t in the spotlight, the over the top glam of Lady Gaga or Niki Minaj might look a little out of reach, (or even out of touch!) but there are several celeb songbirds whose passion for fashion has us all singing along.

Sixties Swing

One of  our favorite singers de jour is Adele, whose husky vocal stylings are perfectly matched by her retro looks. Rumor has it Adele’s sultry look is catching on- and now that she is an unofficial Bond girl she is sure to be a hitmaker with some staying power. Here, Adele’s classy black dress is in perfect harmony with her sixties-styled curls, offset, of course by those  large diamond earrings that twinkle like her knowing smile.


You could capture that stylin’ sixties look with these floral silver earrings.

silver floral earrings with purple gemstones

Fashion Rocks

The confident vocals of Gwen Stefani are instantly recognizable, and so is her unique style. Who else could have brought harajuku fashion to the mainstream?  Stefani often references retro-era fashion, but boldly adds her own twist, making the look as fresh as her no-nonsense lyrics. Here Stefani’s crimson-red lips and white- blonde hair might make you think she is simply channeling Marilyn Monroe, but she  keeps our attention with those matching, modern gold rings.


No Doubt, you could get attention with a beautifully bold gold ring like this one.

 gold wedding ring

Pop Star Shine

An emotional and powerful singer, Rhianna is one who can play both sides of the fashion game- outrageously styled and edgy one minute, and approachable and  pretty the next.  We like her look here- the long layered chains dress up the otherwise fun and causal image. What a great way to accessorize a simple white tank.


If you want to “Shine Bright Like a Diamond,” you could try adding this glimmering textured necklace to your look.

gold and silver necklace