They say blonds have more fun, but Hollywood’s famous red-heads shine with a light all their own.   These three actresses were born with flaming tresses and a flare for the dramatic, and they  know just how to ornament their natural good looks.

Red Gold

A classic beauty, acclaimed actress Julianne  Moore has both range and sparkle. Famous for her roles  in movies as diverse as  Boogie Nights,  Magnolia,  Far From Heaven and The Hours, Julianne is always radiant  and composed at public appearances. This luxurious gold necklace perfectly  compliments the fiery  tones of her hair.
Julianne Moore
Glow like Julianne in this luxe gold necklace.
Gold Nugget Necklace

Retro Red Head

Christina Hendricks of the hit AMC show  Mad Men is today’s bombshell in every sense of the word. That smile, those eyes,  that gorgeous copper-toned hair, and of course, her stunning figure.  Christina owns her voluptuous curves,  helping Hollywood recall that beauty comes in many glorious forms. Here Ms. Hendricks  is the picture of elegance- her sparkly dangle earrings are just the right shape for the wide neckline of her retro-styled dress.
Christina Hendricks wearing dangle earrings
Let your inner bombshell shine with these elegant yet sexy earrings.
silver and pearl dangle earrings

Fire and Ice

Cynthia Nixon,  known to most as Miranda Hobbes,  the  career-driven straight-talking  redhead from  Sex in the City,  has a bold style  that seems to match her famous character’s disposition. Drawing attention to her ivory skin and strawberry-blond locks,  her diamond drop earrings make a glamorous and strong statement.
Cynthia Nixon wearing diamond earrings
All eyes would be drawn to your strength and beauty in these lovely diamond earrings.
diamond drop earrings