You can try to hide your excitement behind a grown-up, cynical, and jaded exterior all you want… but if you ever pretended you were a princess when you were a little girl, you’re probably interested in the upcoming royal wedding across the pond…

Yes, yes, you know all about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s looming wedding – you couldn’t avoid it if you tried. So, in honor of the royal wedding ruckus, I thought I would pay tribute to some of my favorite princess brides of the past.

The Best Princess Bride Ever

Beginning with the best princess bride ever, of course- even if her dress was kind of wacky.


This white gold necklace and pearl pendant are perfect for the story book princess look: not too fancy, yet beautiful – very appropriate if you are going to be saved from marrying evil Prince Humperdinck by a devoted farm boy (or is he the Dread Pirate Roberts?).


Grace-ful Royal Wedding

Then there is Princess Grace, as we shift our attention from a princess in a movie to a movie star that became a princess.


I don’t think Hollywood could have created a princess as perfect as her if they tried.


Well, except for her of course.

Princess Grace’s engagement ring looked like this:

princess-grace-Engagement Ring

I found this engagement ring (below)- it is the same style, but not as overwhelming. I love the fact that it is so elegant – it isn’t too busy or flashy, but there is no doubt that it is impressive at the same time. It also manages to be retro and modern looking at the same time.


Princess Audrey Hepburn

Back to the movies… Audrey Hepburn was never royalty in real life but she was definitely princess material - as seen in her role in Roman Holiday.


These earrings aren’t an exact match to what Hepburn is wearing above, but I wanted to include them because I just love them. The clasp is called leverback style – it is a very retro look and also wonderful if, like me, you always lose those little things that are supposed to hold your earrings on. These earrings are perfect for an evening out, or for a special occasion any time of the day- they are guaranteed to make you feel like a princess!