We are still star-struck by this year’s Oscar extravaganza – Hollywood’s big night to shine didn’t disappoint. When all eyes are expecting big  glamour, big  style, and yes, the occasional  big disaster, every detail is chosen with the greatest care. Here are our top three looks from this year’s biggest and brightest award show:

Statuesque Charlize

Number one: Charlize Theron. Not many could pull off this short, cropped haircut and modern, sharp-lined gown without looking severe, yet Charlize shows us how it is done. Her look is graceful, womanly and sophisticated- we love how easily her platinum hair compliments the pearl white fabric of her dress- and of course her flawless gold-kissed skin and classic bone structure don’t hurt! What a great choice to skip the necklace and let the dramatic cut of the dress make a statement. This outfit is perfectly accessorized by the sparkly bling on her wrist. Understated and gorgeous!


If you’re feeling gorgeous- why don’t you add this lovely three-strand pearl bracelet to your look?

triple strand pearl bracelet


Gorgeous Garner

Number two: Jennifer Garner. This busy mother of three is also a  classic Hollywood beauty, and she shows off her sultry curves and stunning style in this beautiful purple gown. We love the delicate design of her diamond necklace, which makes the perfect focal point, competing only with her shining smile!


Want all eyes on you?  This elegant diamond necklace would certainly capture attention!

diamond pendant necklace

Still Fond of Fonda

Our number three choice for top Oscar look is none other than Jane Fonda.  We think she rivals Oscar himself for golden appeal in this beautifully cut, form fitting yellow gown with gold banding at the waist- accented by her gold clutch and dangling gold earrings.  To look so gorgeous, fit and glowing at 75? How does she do it?


You too could show off Jane’s timeless shine in these spectacular yellow gold and diamond earrings.

gold and diamond snake earrings