Today we are going to look at the popular TV show Parenthood. This TV series, now in its second season, is about a family tree with a wide variety of branches. Each of the female characters on the show has a distinct style and Celebrity Icing has taken on the challenge of selecting jewelry for each of them:

Jasmine Trussell

Jasmine is Crosby Braverman’s girlfriend, fiance, or ex-girlfriend (depending on which episode you are watching). She is a professional dancer and the mother of his son. She is also extremely independent, to the point of stubborn – but she is trying to allow Crosby into her and her son’s life (his behaviour is not helping).


Sarah Braverman


Played by Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls), Sarah Braverman is a single mom who has moved herself and her kids back in to her parent’s house. Her years of marriage to an alcoholic rock musician have left their mark on her style and on her confidence. She is working hard to leave an unstable past behind. At the same time, she is rediscovering her own talent and strength as she moves forward.

Once Sarah Braverman has had some time to herself, it would be wonderful to see her fall in love and get married to a supportive, stable man:


Camille Braverman


Camille is the artsy matriarch of the family. She is the exact opposite of her insensitive, and sometimes unkind, husband- yet she proves to be just as strong as he is when it comes to fighting for her happiness.



Julia Braverman


Julia Braverman-Graham is a successful lawyer and type-A mom who struggles to balance her career with her family. She is one of my favorite TV female characters because we see her faults and her struggles, yet at the same time we are shown that she is a good person who is trying to do her best in challenging circumstances. Sometimes her attempts to be a good mother, good wife, and good lawyer backfire- but her good intentions and her big heart are always there.


What do you think? Did we pick the right jewelry for your favorite Parenthood character? Which Parenthood female character are you like?

This week, Celebrity Icing takes a look at some of our favorite female comedians and their style.

Carol Burnett

I spent a big chunk of my childhood watching television and the Carol Burnett show was definitely a highlight. I remember laughing and laughing during the Gone With The Wind skit even though I hadn’t even seen the movie. A black turtleneck with gold hoops are further proof that Carol Burnett knows exactly how far to take something – I wouldn’t like to see bigger hoop earrings on her, but these ones suit her perfectly.



Gilda Radner

I used to sneak out of bed and watch Saturday Night Live when I was eight years old. In fact I re-enacted the Cheeseburger – Pepsi skit during show-and-tell in class. I remember my teacher laughing along – I’m pretty sure she was the only one in the room who had watched the episode, too. In the picture below, Gilda is wearing timeless pearl earrings- an example of jewelry that never goes out of style (time has not been so kind to her hair accessories – check out that scrunchy in her hair).



Shelley Duvall

Shelley Duvall has such a unique look – she had the perfect look for the 70′s – a decade that seemed full of super skinny and super funny women (Gilda Radner, Jane Curtain, Katherine O’Hara, Lily Tomlin, etc).



Lucille Ball

One of my very favorites! In fact, I am just introducing my daughters to episodes of I Love Lucy for the first time and they love them, too. Her hijinx, her facial expressions, her friendship, and her unsinkable determination appeal to all ages. I also love her wardrobe on the show – the cigarette pants, ballet flats, crisp-looking day dresses, and elegant evening wear and jewelry.




Active people who are involved in sports, or whose careers require a lot of physical activity, accessorize differently from the rest of us. For example, a tri-athlete will not want a big pointy, scratchy rock on her finger if she wants to wear her engagement ring when she is training. In fact, it’s a good general rule to remove all jewelry when you are playing sports -and in many cases it is against the rules to wear jewelry during competitive sports.


In this exception, you can see pole vaulter Kate Dennison wearing earrings and a wristwatch. In contact sports you remove jewelry because you might hurt your team mates or opponents. In this case, Dennison is only a danger to herself – for example, she could catch her earring on something and rip her ear lobe.


In contrast, it seems that quite a few baseball players have been wearing necklaces to improve their health. You can read more about the titanium necklaces at (Titanium Baseball Neckwear Big on Hype, Short on Science by Brian Mossop).


According to the Etch a Sketch site, Soccer player Raul Gonzales kisses his ring finger every time he scores a goal – one way to make up for taking his wedding ring off before the game!

Jewelry and Sports

  • It’s a good idea to remove your jewelry before participating in sports. The same guidelines apply to jobs that require physical activity or operating machinery.
  • There will always be exceptions: golfers often wear necklaces (or even anklets).
  • Competitive sports, sport associations, and schools will have their own set of rules related to jewelry.
  • When you remove jewelry you protect yourself and others from harm.

Jewelry Styles for Active People

It is somewhat of a stereotype (there are plenty of exceptions), but many male and female athletes have a simple, streamlined style. Their jewelry tends to be white gold or silver rather than yellow gold, with simple lines, smooth settings, and embedded stones.

This engagement ring would be the perfect fit for an athletic woman – strong and beautiful.


This week Celebrity Icing is going to feature a few celebrity chefs. When it comes to cooking, I like their style, so I’ve selected some celebrity icing (jewelry) inspired by them. I also like their style of cooking, so I’ve selected a recipe from each of them as well. We have Paula Deen and her deviled eggs for starters, Giada De Laurentiis and her fancy macaroni and cheese (did you know she was related to Dino De Laurnetiis the famous filmmaker? I had no idea…). For dessert, we have Gordon Ramsay and his Caramelized Banana Split recipe:

Paula Deen



Paula Deen likes to wear hoop or chandelier style earrings. She usually wears silver or white gold which is a smart choice given her hair color, skin tone, and vibrant blue eyes. It also updates her otherwise rather classic and conservative style – a look that is further accentuated when she wears her pearl necklace or her yellow gold wristwatch. Charm the guests at your next modern cocktail party with some good ol’ deviled eggs, Paula Deen style.

Gordon Ramsay



From Deen to mean.

Actually this chef is not a favorite- he stresses me out and I don’t watch his show. The only accessories that suit this chef are made out of cold steel, such as the watch he is wearing. I hope it’s all an act, because when he’s smiling he is actually pretty nice looking- as seen above. Also proving ‘cold as ice’ is not always a bad thing: Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for Caramelized Banana Split.

Giada De Laurentiis

giada de laurentiis


From mean to lean.

Giada is always a pleasure to watch, and going by the search results that came up when I was looking for her, not just for her recipes. Not surprising, since she is beautiful- both inside and out, if her on-screen personality is a true reflection of her in real life. Her Everyday Italian style is casual and young, yet classy. Likewise her recipe for macaroni and cheese is comfort food with class – her recipe uses heavy cream, grated Fontina, and ham.


Here at Celebrity Icing our two favorite things are celebrities and jewelry, so in this spirit we have decided to select engagement rings for some of our favorite single celebrities. Here are our choices, we won’t know how close we were to the mark until the announcement comes out that Cameron Diaz and John Cusack are getting married (don’t hold your breath…).

Tyra Banks


Beautiful and ambitious are two words we would use to describe Tyra Banks. Strong and successful, Banks doesn’t  have anything to prove; however, we don’t think that would stop her from getting a big and sparkly engagement ring. It would take a pretty amazing engagement ring to impress Tyra Banks and everyone else would expect nothing less than a 5 carat diamond. We’d like to see Tyra Banks wearing a princess cut diamond engagement ring, like this one:


Cameron Diaz Engagement Ring


Cameron Diaz’s views on marriage were recently reported widely. She has said that marriage is not important to her, so she obviously chooses not to wear an engagement ring at all. If she were to change her mind, this is the ring we’d pick for her. An engagement ring should reflect the wearer’s personality so we would want the ring to be as fun and unpretentious as she seems to be. A platinum ring like the one we’ve selected is modern and fresh rather than old-fashioned, perfect for Cameron Diaz:


John Cusack Wedding Band


Someone who has held out for as long as John Cusack probably won’t want something flashy, that’s for sure. In fact, it’s hard to imagine him wearing any jewelry at all, let alone a wedding band (image: Scene from 2012 – The only accessorizing Cusack does in real life is his signature pair of dark sunglasses.

Oprah Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set

Oprah Winfrey engagement ring

Someone as organized and mindful as Oprah would probably go for a matching set for her engagement ring and wedding ring. She is so independent and strong I’m sure she would want to be involved in the selection. Although maybe the romantic side of her would prefer to be surprised, who knows…

Here is a classic (and classy) set that we’ve chosen for her:




April Showers Bring May Flowers


If we didn’t get any rain, we certainly wouldn’t see any rainbows. Rain makes our gardens grow and fills up our ponds.

Rain is Beautiful

Rain Drops

Here are some drop earrings with freshwater pearls.


Rain is Fun

Rain gives us puddles to splash in. Here is super model Lily Donaldson having some fun at the Glastonbury Music festival (Image:


The Cheeky Umbrella company makes rain fun by selling colorful umbrellas with unique designs and sassy sayings.


For example, the umbrella above makes a statement guaranteed to make some other commuters’ glasses fog up.


Rain is Music

I love the sound that rain makes when you are cuddled up inside a tent on a camping trip. A short mid-afternoon rain shower is the perfect excuse to take a nap. Of course there is the most musical of all rains… Purple Rain.


Umbrellas – Celebrity Icing Style

Celebrity Icing invites you to enjoy listening to Purple Rain, while you enjoy looking at these famous celebrities with their famous umbrellas!

A very young Marilyn Monroe shows that umbrellas can be fun even if it’s not actually raining.


Here is Scarlettt Johannsen in Lost in Translation.


Here is the most famous umbrella movie scene – Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Rain is even more fun when you have a cool umbrella to show off. My favorite umbrella of all time was a clear pink one similar to the one Scarlett is wearing above. Like most of my umbrellas, I think I lost it on the bus… Do you have a favorite umbrella? Or do you remember a great umbrella scene from a movie? Please tell us about it below!

Royal Wedding Photo Gallery

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You can try to hide your excitement behind a grown-up, cynical, and jaded exterior all you want… but if you ever pretended you were a princess when you were a little girl, you’re probably interested in the upcoming royal wedding across the pond…

Yes, yes, you know all about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s looming wedding – you couldn’t avoid it if you tried. So, in honor of the royal wedding ruckus, I thought I would pay tribute to some of my favorite princess brides of the past.

The Best Princess Bride Ever

Beginning with the best princess bride ever, of course- even if her dress was kind of wacky.


This white gold necklace and pearl pendant are perfect for the story book princess look: not too fancy, yet beautiful – very appropriate if you are going to be saved from marrying evil Prince Humperdinck by a devoted farm boy (or is he the Dread Pirate Roberts?).


Grace-ful Royal Wedding

Then there is Princess Grace, as we shift our attention from a princess in a movie to a movie star that became a princess.


I don’t think Hollywood could have created a princess as perfect as her if they tried.


Well, except for her of course.

Princess Grace’s engagement ring looked like this:

princess-grace-Engagement Ring

I found this engagement ring (below)- it is the same style, but not as overwhelming. I love the fact that it is so elegant – it isn’t too busy or flashy, but there is no doubt that it is impressive at the same time. It also manages to be retro and modern looking at the same time.


Princess Audrey Hepburn

Back to the movies… Audrey Hepburn was never royalty in real life but she was definitely princess material - as seen in her role in Roman Holiday.


These earrings aren’t an exact match to what Hepburn is wearing above, but I wanted to include them because I just love them. The clasp is called leverback style – it is a very retro look and also wonderful if, like me, you always lose those little things that are supposed to hold your earrings on. These earrings are perfect for an evening out, or for a special occasion any time of the day- they are guaranteed to make you feel like a princess!



St. Patricks Day Parties

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You know St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner when a certain popular American restaurant starts serving minty milkshakes. Celebrity Icing pays tribute to one of the funnest days of the year:

Green Beer


If you’re at a house party on March 17th and you drink, then you better have a green beer in your hand! And a funny hat. Or maybe you’re one of ‘those people’ – the kind who wear something inconspicuously green so that they have to show it to anyone who questions their St Patricks-ness.

Famous St Patricks Day Birthdays


While we’re on the topic of annoying, has a long list of celebrities born on St. Patricks Day, including Rob Lowe, Gary Sinise, Kurt Russell, and Billy Corgan. Only one of these celebrities gets my vote for ‘annoying’ – can you guess which one?

St. Patricks Day Ball


Dress available at

Not all St. Patricks Day parties take place in a house packed with green beer partakers. For example, the 175 year old St. Patricks Society of Montreal, Canada has an annual ball (it’s actually on March 11 this year, but close enough). It’s one of the oldest social events in Montreal (probably the whole country) and is attended by over 400 guests.

St Patricks Party Favors

If you’re planning on having a ball as a guest at a more elegant St Patricks party, you might consider bringing along a host gift such as this four leaf clover key chain (particularly if he’s Irish or hot, and definitely if he has a sexy Irish accent…).


Chicago turns their river green for the special day, but I think the best place to celebrate would be Ireland. Do you remember that scene in the Laws of Attraction when Pierce Brosnan’s character drunkenly married Julianne Moore’s character? Good times…

Irish Eyes

Speaking of sexy Irish accents, here is a list of Irish celebrities: Liam Neeson, Glen Quinn, Cillian Murphy, Pierce Brosnan, Gabriel Byrne, Colin Farrell, and Kenneth Branagh (visit for pictures and info about them). Just in case you’re wondering where the Irish female celebrities are, I’ll leave you with one of the most beautiful examples of an Irish accent there is. It may also serve as a warning to behave yourself on March 17th…

Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day


Celebrity Icing brings you some delicious rock candy – precious gems that sweeten your day, tasty treats to decorate your décolletage, and shiny candy for your sweetheart.

Wristy Business

A multi strand pearl bracelet evokes a feeling of nostalgia for days gone by – and, unlike the candy bracelet, just gets better with age.



A Sweet Treat

Both are fun to wear on your finger: one tastes good, while the other shows your good taste.



Ice is Nice

Ice is nice, but don’t forget that a snow cone will melt away… and diamonds are forever. Expect a chilly reception if you give your sweetheart a snow cone on Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, if you put an engagement ring on her finger on the most romantic day of the year you can expect things to heat up!



Delicious Decolletage

The official emblem of Valentine’s Day, the heart. Anything heart-shaped makes the perfect gift – it says I love you. The official mascot of Valentine’s Day is the teddy bear, of course, so don’t forget to slip the necklace around a sweet bear’s neck before you hand it over.



Licorice Dish

The classiest candy – black licorice is the candy for grown ups and an impressive ring like the one below is the perfect way to tell your sweetheart that you are taking her seriously.



I remember my husband bought us a new bed and then assembled it the Valentine’s Day before our first child was born. I was 7 months pregnant and a new comfy bed was very loving and thoughtful and the perfect gift that year (yes, I got chocolate too). I think if I could have anything I wanted this year, I would ask for a meaningful ring that represents my two daughters, my husband and me – but I’m not sure how that would work.

Do you buy Valentine’s Gifts for your children?

We buy something little for our girls for Valentine’s Day. When they get older, I think I might give them charm bracelets and then buy them a new charm each Valentine’s Day. Another idea might be to get their ears pierced on a Valentine’s Day in the future.

What’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received?

We don’t usually get too serious here at Celebrity Icing, but I think it’s okay to make an exception once a year. Here are some life lessons from some fantastic writers, movies, musicians, and actors to get you on the right track this year.

New Years resolutions come and go, but you can count on these predictions…

1. You Are Important

Your very existence has an impact on everything around you, so make the most of it. Sometimes we only think famous people are important but that’s not true at all.

Good old George Bailey (James Stewart) from It’s A Wonderful Life didn’t realize that his marriage to Mary (Donna Reed) and his life in Bedford Falls (above) had such a positive effect on everyone he encountered.

2. You Are Stronger Than You Think

In August 2005 a 23 year old woman in the UK lifted a car off of her friend’s leg even though she was injured. In 1982 a mother lifted a car up so that her son could be pulled to safety (he was pinned under the car when it fell during repairs).

3. Change IS Good


Pullitzer Prize winner Frank McCourt’s first book, Angela’s Ashes, was published when he was already 66 years old (he was a retired school teacher). Ian Fleming was 45 years old when his first James Bond book came out (previously he was a Naval Intelligence Officer). Whether you’ve been downsized or bankrupted, remember that things might actually get better instead of worse and you’re never too old to try something new if your current situation isn’t working out.

Misadventures are still adventures. McCourt turned his childhood poverty into a beloved and successful book and Fleming’s war experiences spawned one of fiction and films’ most exciting characters. Life is exciting, isn’t it?

4. Life Is Short

Andrew Koenig (Boner from Growing Pains), Corey Haim (Lost Boys) and Gary Coleman (Different Strokes) were all originally famous as children and, sadly, left us this year. If you’re like me, you grew up watching these actors. If you watched as much TV as I did when I was a kid, they almost felt like family.

Life is short, so make the most of it. If you love someone, don’t wait too long before you tell them- and remember, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion like Christmas or a marriage proposal. A simple ‘I love you’ any time is nice.

5. Enjoy Yourself

As Michael Jackson says in the song above, “Enjoy yourself… you shouldn’t worry about the things you can’t control… Why don’t you live, live the life you got…” Road rage, rude customers, and all of the petty drama that we create for ourselves… I hope to be a kinder, more patient, person in 2011 and I hope the same for all of you. Happy New Year!

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