So this week on Gossip Girl:

Serena’s mom Lily gets the ugliest emerald necklace I’ve ever seen from her new husband. She was hoping for a nude photograph of herself instead (if you don’t watch the show, don’t ask…) so it’s hard to tell if her look of disappointment is due to the fact that she’s not getting the picture or just because her consolation prize is just so UGLY. It looks expensive but it’s still ugly. I can’t seem to find a picture of it anywhere so if anyone has one, I’d love to show it off so, unlike Lily and her nude photo disappointment, we can all ‘get the picture’.

I couldn’t even find anything similar, all the other necklaces were too nice. Picture something that Joan Collins would have worn on Dynasty – very eighties looking; very clunky, shiny, and excessive.

I just found an interesting article about the whole ‘Man and Wedding Ring’ debate that began in an earlier post my blog and then this will be my last post on this subject, I promise.

Article in a nutshell:

1 – Use of wedding rings became more common during World War II.

2 – For many men, a men’s wedding ring is quite possibly the first time they will wear jewelry.

3 – Many men are engaged in trades where their rings might get caught in machinery. (This makes sense and of course their women colleagues probably take their rings off too!)


You can read the whole article here: If you go to this link, make sure you read the comments- they are just as interesting as the article and also contain useful information. I like Chloe’s comment that “if we give too much attention to the ring it becomes a power object, maybe better is to simply be free of such inanimate objects.”

That said, I will officially label this topic ‘stale’ and shut it down unless I get some comments from you readers out there.

I don’t have a celebrity photo to add so I will leave you with this entertaining video instead:

I Always Have Time for Chuck Bass

26 Sep 2008 In: Droolery, Gossip Girl, Hot

Let’s face it, Gossip Girls is hot. 

Gossip Girls is the only show I watch every week. I like other shows but I refuse to allow myself to schedule my life around them – so until I get a Tivo, Monday nights are the only nights I have to stay home (at least between 8 and 9). My husband watches it, too. We are both fascinated with bad boy Chuck Bass. He is horrible and very amusing at the same time – one of the best characters to hit TV.

Spotted. E and D making out at the Kings of Leon concert.

By the way, the British actor who plays Bass, Ed Westwick, is pretty kick ass in my books as well: he was apparently making out with Drew Barrymore at a Kings of Leon concert day before yesterday!

Chuck Bass - Master of the Intense Face

Chuck Bass - Master of the Intense Face

Alligator Strap Wrist Watch

Classic Alligator Strap Wrist Watch

Is it Wrong to Take off the Ring?

19 Sep 2008 In: Foolery, Hot Topic

If you are engaged or married – do you wear your ring all the time?

I was surprised to find out that men have only started wearing wedding bands recently. In the old days, only women wore wedding rings. My perspective is that if you don’t want to wear your wedding band all the time then you don’t want to be married all the time either.

Last year a fan stole Tim McGraw’s wedding ring right off his finger during a concert but then later returned it. If I was Faith Hill I would understand if he wanted to take it off before work, but other than that I can’t really think of a good excuse a husband could give for not wearing his wedding ring.

Fingers Tattoos as seen on

Celebrities often don’t wear their rings in public because they are trying to keep their marriages private. Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z were apparently married on April 4,2008 but still have not publicly denied or confirmed their marriage to this day, as far as I can see. In this month’s issue of Vibe Magazine, Jay-Z says that it’s a part of his life that he wants to keep to himself. Married or not, the couple do have matching finger tattoos which might just be their answer to a  wedding band that you can never take off!

Sometimes, keeping marriages secret can have unromantic side effects. Ellen Pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) and Chris Ivery wanted to keep their marriage out of the news so Ellen sent her manager to Cartier to buy rings for them. Unfortunately they didn’t fit and they both took them off right after the ceremony.

When do you take your ring off? Does your spouse wear his or her ring all the time?

Jessica Simpson Covered in Icing

17 Sep 2008 In: Droolery, Too Sweet

Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo

What better way to kick off than with a picture of a celebrity, well, covered in icing! Here is Jessica Simpson and birthday beau Tony Romo celebrating.

A word of advice for Jessica, don’t try to accessorize with food when you’re already wearing fabulous jewelry!

Check out the bracelet on Jessica’s arm – it’s the real icing on the cake!

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