While Hollywoods celebs display the latest runway  looks on the red carpet,  fashion is often inspired by the characters that  actors play on the silver screen, and 2012 was no exception. Several movies that made their  debut in late 2012 featured exquisite period costumes- every piece of lace and  every sparkly  gem  the work of a dedicated costume department. Three looks in particular caught our eye (and our imagination, not surprisingly, as all three  inspiring movies were based on dramatic, classic books!)

Russian Passion

Keira Knightley,  who plays the title role in Anna Karenina, personifies the aristocracy of   19th Century Russia with   her coiffed curls and fussy, ruffled fabrics. Yet those ropes of pearls against her  bare skin suggest the passion simmering beneath society- in her look we see both the confines of her social status and the love that will be her undoing.


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French Style

If Keira smolders as Anna Karenina, then  Amanda Seyfried  simply glows as Cosette, the ingenue in the bloom of first  love  in   Les Miserables’ 19th Century France. In every scene, Cosette’s clothes and accessories reflect not only the finery of the period, but also her angelic presence and trusting innocence. Here, on her wedding day to Marius, Cosette’s wreath of flowers and golden white gown are modestly complimented with simple drop earrings.

Cosette and Marius

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Elvish Elegance

Although our third inspiring heroine comes from the realm of fantasy rather than historical fiction, Cate Blanchette’s ethereal beauty as  Galadriel  in The Hobbit need not be  lost forever in the mists of Middle Earth. Peter Jackson, adapting Tolkein’s  The Hobbit for a three-part big-screen saga, draws from familiar cultural sources to create  the visually stunning world of the high elves. Galadriel stands out not simply because she is the only female character in this first Hobbit movie, but because her otherworldliness is expressed so elegantly, her crown and dress a blend of celtic and art nouveau influences.


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