It’s time to start Christmas shopping for the stars in your life. Christmas means toys for girls and boys, but what about the grown ups?

Kids of all ages love to find something shiny and new under the tree: something picked just for them, wrapped up in fancy paper, and given with love.

Here are some gift ideas that would even make the most mature person on your Christmas list squeal like a little girl:

Little Red Wagon

Let’s face it, all men are kids and all little kids want a red wagon. It’s classic, it’s fun, it’s shiny, and it’s practical – just like this watch:



Say I Love You

The ‘Chatty Cathy’ doll was very popular in its day. She even said a few phrases, including ‘I love you’ – which always resulted in lots of hugs and kisses. You can say I love you, too, with this charming silver necklace and I’m betting you’ll get the same results.



Ring of Bling

Hula hoops are a timeless classic, as are these other rings Рthe kind that women spin on their fingers, like this 14k white gold engagement ring.



Sweet Dreams

Of course, another way to bring back sweet memories of childhood is to focus on all of the goodies that are enjoyed at Christmas time. Gingerbread houses, cookies, and cakes – not to mention all of the candies. Oranges are traditionally given at Christmas as well. This ruby and diamond engagement ring evokes images of peppermint swirls and candy canes. In fact, why not slip the ring onto a candy cane, add a red ribbon bow? What a sweet surprise!



More Icing

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