Glamour Girl

Love her or hate her- there is no denying Kim Kardashian turns heads. And her power to influence fashion is not from nothing- the  raven-haired beauty was the highest-earning reality star in 2010 – a cool $6 million, give or take. Sometimes shabby-chic in boho scarves and over-sized sunglasses, this  queen of the social scene knows how to turn up the volume for more formal affairs. In this look, Kim is glamorously gilded, from her gold-dust make-up to her fabulous accessories.

Kim Kardashian in shining gold.

Want to emulate Kim’s shine? Go for the gold with these divine gold and  diamond earrings.

gold and diamond earrings

Great Expectations

Now that Kim is pregnant with Kanye West’s child, women (and the paparazzi)  will be paying even more attention to what Kim wears in the next few months. We think this is Kim’s opportunity to really make a statement, and so far, she isn’t letting us down. Always known for her fabulous curves, Kim can now prove to us all that maternity fashions needn’t hide a thing. Not many would have the confidence to rock a form- fitting white gown while growing a new baby bump- but we’re glad Ms. Kardashian did!

pregnant Kim Kardashian in white gown

If you’d like to rock your  growing confidence, try some sparkle at the wrist to accentuate your curves, just like Miss K!

white gold and diamond bangle bracelet

Chic for Two

This latest  look by Kim Kardashian has been receiving a lot of buzz in the media- and not all of it good.  We think  the naysayers were dropped on their heads as babes- Kim looks simply beautiful in this demure, perfect- for-spring blouse and skirt. The look is understated, fresh and feminine, and the classic  diamond stud earrings are a perfect match. Pregnant ladies and curvy women everywhere take note- smocks and  billowy cover-ups are out- tailored, stylish clothes are in!

pregnant Kim Kardashian in white skirt

You know you are every bit as fabulous as Kim Kardashian, so don’t you deserve to add a touch of class to your look with these timeless diamond earrings?


diamond stud earrings