We recently featured Audrey Hepburn here at celebrityicing.com, so this month when I was looking for a new celebrity to feature, I naturally thought of the other famous Hepburn…


Celebrity Taurus Katherine Hepburn profile shot

Born on May 12 1907, Katherine Hepburn was a Taurus. Although I’m sure she would have thought the very idea was ‘poppycock.’ Yet Taurians (is that what you call them?) are known for their steadiness of character, calmness in the face of obstacles,and steadfast nature. Characteristics that even Kate probably wouldn’t snort at.

Katherine Hepburn reclines on a run in a full length white dress

Katherine Hepburn appeared in many,  many movies over a long lasting career. She won 4 Oscars and is deeply respected today for her talent and her strong personality, particularly considering the era in which she started her career.

Katherine Hepburn costarring with Cary Grant romantic roles

Katherine Hepburn was able to portray very strong women who were also uniquely vulnerable – this made her roles very interesting (and timeless).

She also had a talent for comedy and an ability to be beautiful and funny at the same time.

My favorite Hepburn movies has to be Philadelphia Story – I think I’ve seen it more than any other, and I still enjoy it every time. There is a another version of the same story starring Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby, and it is also good – but not AS good as the Hepburn version.

Hepburn Style

If Katharine Hepburn inspires you, let her style inspire your style…

Isn’t She Yar?

This diamond bracelet would be perfect for her character in the Philadelphia Story.

Diamond Link Bracelet Perfect For Katharine Hepburn's Style

Seating For One

Here’s an opportunity to support the theatre, celebrate your own individuality, and pay respect to Katharine Hepburn’s hometown at the same time. You can ‘buy’ a seat at the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook, Connecticut: “preserve her legacy – her fame – her personality – and her snappy style – by sponsoring a chair with your name or a name of someone you would like to honor on a chair plaque.”

Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center seat sponsorship

Classic Style

Katharine Hepburn had an understated style that was very elegant, like these two-tone earrings and this gold diamond engagement ring. Yellow gold is the perfect type of gold for the Taurus, as well as anyone who enjoys classic movies, and vintage style.

Two Tone Gold Earrings, Classy and Understated Like Katharine Hepburn

Vintage Look Yellow Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring