It’s classier (and more convienient) when your jewelry is kept in one of these boxes. I have a few different spots for my jewelry, but it always tends to spread around the house eventually. I’ve found that it’s easy to hang on to my valuables when I have a spot for them in almost every room in my house. I tried just getting into the habit of always putting my jewelry in one spot, but I had to give up. Instead, I now have several places to look when I’m wondering where my wedding ring disappeared to. At least I know it’s in a safe place and not just resting on a kitchen windowsill or the fireplace mantle, where it could easily be dusted away into oblivion.

It’s easier to accessorize with star style when you stay organized!

Jewelry boxes are great for your every day accessories, but I’d continue to keep your special occasion jewelry, heirlooms, and diamonds locked up for safe-keeping (or at least tucked into an old sock at the back of one of your drawers).If you’re lucky enough to only own solid gold and sterling silver jewelry, then you can keep your hair accessories inside instead!


A smaller, silver jewelry box on your nightstand is a great place to keep your earrings safe if you’re in the habit of removing them right before you sleep. If you’re in the habit of sleeping with your cell phone nearby, but don’t want the visual reminder of your work responsibilities, you can also tuck your phone inside as well.

Romance on a Budget

You can glam up your bedroom for less than you think. This silver mirrored jewelry box is only $4.99.

Time Travel

You can transport almost any North American girl back to her bobby socks days, by giving her one of these.

Treasure Chest

This antique carved wooden jewelry box is the perfect stash for your treasures.

Here are some ideas for new additions to your accessory collection!

White gold earrings with diamonds.

Yellow gold bracelet with diamonds.