hotI’m dreaming of a green Christmas, as I look out at the slushy weather outside…

Last week we looked at Red and this week is devoted to that other Christmas color….


Who says it’s not easy?

Make sure you click on the video below for the perfect soundtrack to listen to while you help us celebrate all things green this season!

Green is Good

Admittedly it’s hard not to be cynical about their motives because it is so cool to be green these days. However, these celebs still deserve recognition because we emulate their behavior and it’s nice to have some wise and practical behavior to imitate for a change.

Heather Mills

Vegetarian, Animal Rights activist, PETA member.


Get a list of the top 10 green celebs at

Chris Martin

His music is coma-inducing and he’s not really my type but someone out there likes him because he was recently voted the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian. I’m guessing Jason Lee, Dean Wareham, and Colin Firth must all be carnivores… either that or the judges have very different taste from me.


Green is Romantic

You can do your part to support the global effort to preserve our planet’s future – buy a wedding ring that has been refined, not mined! You don’t want your wedding ring to be connected to continued mining of our planet, or to the violence associated with conflict diamonds. Instead, you can buy a ring that is made from 100% recycled scrap. Otherwise, five tons of environmental waste is created each time one new gold ring is produced! Not something you want to think about when you are wearing your ring in to your future years of marriage. You can read more about this at Recycled Metals.

Green Ring

Green Ring

Green is Groovy