What Season Are You?

This week we continue our flashback to the 80′s – when everyone was getting their colors done. I just discovered that this method of determining which colors work for you originates from a book called “Color Me Beautiful” by Carole Jackson - which spent 4 years on the NY Times bestseller list. For more information straight from the source, you should visit her website at carolejackson.com – she provides samples of color swatches that you can refer to once you identify which season suits you.

Wondering if you are a Winter? Then please read our last article called “Get Your Colors Done Part 1: Is Winter Cool For You?

Are You a Spring?

In the last article we explained that Winters have cool skin tones and that they look good in black and bright colors. An easy way to remember this is that Winter has cool temperatures. Spring, on the other hand, is when things start to warm up – and if you’re a Spring you will look better in warm tones to flatter your complexion. If you did the paper test described in the Winter article and your face cast a yellowish tone on the paper, then you are a Spring.

Just Peachy!


Springs look great in warm colors such as coral and turquoise. See how the turquoise blouse compliments Mrs. Garrett’s skin tone?


Certain shades of green, red, blue, and pink also work well for them (think of bright Spring flowers in the sunshine). While black and white look best on Winters, a Spring can wear soft black and ivory.

Spring Gift Ideas

A gift in flattering colors will warm your Spring’s ┬áheart. Here are some ideas for the Springs on your Christmas shopping list.

Peach Scarf

This vintage scarf is available at Etsy.


Yellow Gold

The warm tones of this yellow gold necklace suit a Spring more than white gold or silver, and the butterfly (a symbol of Spring) is also a nice touch.


Coral Converse

Perfect for the Spring man or woman on your list and available for under $30 at overstock.com.


Extra Reading:

Simon Doonan at the NY Observer has written an article about the Color Me Beautiful phenomenon that is both funny and informative, and includes an interview with Carole Jackson.