What Season Are You?

In the first installment of our nod to the 1980′s and the popularity of ‘getting your colors done’ back then – we look at Winters. For an introduction to this series, please refer back to our last post: ‘The 1980′s Called And Asked: What Season Are You?”

Are You a Winter?

Get Ready to Take a Test

Go get yourself a white piece of paper. Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to write a test – you just need it to determine whether you have a warm or cool complexion! You’ll also need a mirror. Hold the paper up to your face and then look in the mirror. Does your face seem to cast a yellow tone to the paper, or is it more blue?

Yellow Equals a Warm Skin Tone; Blue Equals a Cool Skin Tone

Examples below: Vinnie is a winter. He looks good in black and navy blue. Winters usually have dark hair and fair or olive skin.


If you’re a Winter, let the season inspire you.

The winter world is high contrast – bright white snow; deep black night.

Cher starred in a string of movies in the 80′s (Silkwood, Mask, Mooonstruck, Mermaids).


Bright, intense, vivid colors also look great on you -but stay away from shades of brown or faded colors – they will make you look faded, too; whereas Winter colors will really make you POP.


Winter Jewels

When selecting colors to wear – think jewel tones. Vibrant, deep and vivid colors such as emerald, ruby, or sapphire complement a winter’s cool.


Winter Gift Ideas

If you take a moment to think about what season the person is you can get them a gift that will make them look great! Christmas is the perfect gift-giving season for Winters. They look great in Christmas colors (Red, Green, Royal Blue, Pure White…). Here are some ideas for the Winters on your shopping list:

A Red Sweater

Note that a winter can also be a platinum blonde not just a brunette.

Not this platinum blonde.

Well, maybe- but actually I meant this platinum blonde!


Green Party Shoes