I can’t believe it’s already September 1st! Here comes Fall!  This week we continue our flashback to the 80’s – when everyone was getting their colors done. Last December, I featured the method of determining which colors work for you in an article, “The 1980?s Called and Asked: What Season Are You?“  All fun aside, Jackson’s style advice is a blessing for anyone out there who is color-challenged. You can wear the most expensive make up, the hottest clothing, and the best jewelry – but if you are wearing the wrong colors you will still look horrible (and sometimes, even ill). For more information straight from the source, you should visit her website at carolejackson.com – she provides samples of color swatches that you can refer to once you identify which season suits you.

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Are You A Fall?


I think it’s safe to say that Lieutenant Commander Data (far right) is not a Fall. Those colors completely wash him out and make him look quite pasty.

Here’s the Test

Hold a piece of white paper up to your face and look for a yellow or blue reflection on to the paper. If you cast a yellow tone, you have a warm skin tone. This means you are either a Spring or a Fall. Autumns usually have brown hair and brown eyes, but there are exceptions. If you look good in brown, you are probably a Fall.


Mork is a Fall.

Fall is the best time to turn over a new leaf

What a perfect time to clean those non-flattering colors out of your closet! Falls are the easiest people to pick colors for, and this is the perfect time of year. If you’re a fall, look around you: the colors of the falling leaves, the deep greens of wet moss, and the deep orange of a pumpkin all look great on you.


Another strategy: go into your kitchen and take a look at those exotic spices on your shelf – those colors look great on you, too!

exotic spice colors for fall skin tones