What Season Are You?

This week we continue our flashback to the 80’s – when everyone was getting their colors done. Last December I featured the method of determining which colors work for you in an article, “The 1980′s Called and Asked: What Season Are You?“  This concept originates from a book called “Color Me Beautiful” by Carole Jackson - which spent 4 years on the NY Times bestseller list. All fun aside, Jackson’s style advice is a blessing for anyone out there who is color-challenged. You can wear the most expensive make up, the hottest clothing, and the best jewelry – but if you are wearing the wrong colors you will still look horrible (and sometimes, even ill). For more information straight from the source, you should visit her website at carolejackson.com – she provides samples of color swatches that you can refer to once you identify which season suits you.

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Are You A Summer?

Photo: Olivia-NewtonJohn.com

In the last article featuring this topic, we explained that “Spring” people look better in warm tones like peach and coral, and yellow gold jewelry flatters their complexion. It makes sense that Summers also look great in warm colors – it is the warmest season after all. However, Summers actually fall into the “cool” category. Examples of cool colors are: green, blue, and violet. Imagine pinks and greens with a blue undertone, and you are on the right track.

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Summers are the least common color – it seems like all Summers have naturally blond hair color, which is also rare. To be even more specific, we’re talking cool blonds, not yellow blonds… If you’re a summer your face will reflect a blue tone rather than a yellow tone onto a white piece of paper.

You will look best in subtle color combinations and should avoid contrasts. Summers can still be bold, but it is best to stick to one bright color – like the red Christina is wearing below (note that this red has a blue undertone, making it work for a Summer).

Summer Ice

White gold and diamonds are perfect for the girls (and boys) of Summer.

The simple elegant design of this white gold solitaire engagement ring would be perfect.

This highly polished sterling silver collar necklace is also a great way to frame that beautiful summer complexion and blond hair!