With Valentine’s Day just yesterday, we’re giving some love to a few Hollywood couples who have stood the test of time. We see stars’ relationships and marriages come and go as often as their hairstyles, but there are also some great role models for those of us looking for love everlasting.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick


Sarah and Matthew met through Sarah’s brother who ran a theatre company. They were married May 19, 1997. Their marriage has produced 3 beautiful children: James, Marion and Tabitha. Both Sarah and Matthew have very busy schedules, juggling their careers in the film industry, their charity commitments, and the schedules of their children. Sarah says it’s mayhem, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

We love Sarah’s minimalist look here, but we think she’d look even better with this gorgeous snowflake-style diamond necklace to pair with her icy blue eyes.


Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgewick


Kevin and Kyra met way back in the 1980′s on the set of a PBS movie, and were married September 4, 1988. During those 23 years of marriage they’ve had  2 children (Travis and Sosie), made 60+ movies, worked on 13 television series, won 18 awards, and been nominated for 49 more. That’s a success in our books!

We’ve noticed that Kyra wears her wedding band on the red carpet, but not her engagement ring. Here’s a diamond engagement ring that would go perfectly with her style and her yellow gold wedding band.


Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson


Tom and Rita met while working on their television show, Bosom Buddies, but didn’t become romantically involved until they worked together on the film Volunteers. They married in 1988 as well, on April 28th. They have 4 children: Colin and Elizabeth, from Tom’s previous marriage, and Chester and Truman. Colin and Chester both seem to have the acting bug, as well. Colin Hanks had a recurring role on the Showtime hit series, Dexter, this past season.

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