April Showers Bring May Flowers


If we didn’t get any rain, we certainly wouldn’t see any rainbows. Rain makes our gardens grow and fills up our ponds.

Rain is Beautiful

Rain Drops

Here are some drop earrings with freshwater pearls.


Rain is Fun

Rain gives us puddles to splash in. Here is super model Lily Donaldson having some fun at the Glastonbury Music festival (Image: coolspotters.com).


The Cheeky Umbrella company makes rain fun by selling colorful umbrellas with unique designs and sassy sayings.


For example, the umbrella above makes a statement guaranteed to make some other commuters’ glasses fog up.


Rain is Music

I love the sound that rain makes when you are cuddled up inside a tent on a camping trip. A short mid-afternoon rain shower is the perfect excuse to take a nap. Of course there is the most musical of all rains… Purple Rain.


Umbrellas – Celebrity Icing Style

Celebrity Icing invites you to enjoy listening to Purple Rain, while you enjoy looking at these famous celebrities with their famous umbrellas!

A very young Marilyn Monroe shows that umbrellas can be fun even if it’s not actually raining.


Here is Scarlettt Johannsen in Lost in Translation.


Here is the most famous umbrella movie scene – Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Rain is even more fun when you have a cool umbrella to show off. My favorite umbrella of all time was a clear pink one similar to the one Scarlett is wearing above. Like most of my umbrellas, I think I lost it on the bus… Do you have a favorite umbrella? Or do you remember a great umbrella scene from a movie? Please tell us about it below!