Here at Celebrity Icing our two favorite things are celebrities and jewelry, so in this spirit we have decided to select engagement rings for some of our favorite single celebrities. Here are our choices, we won’t know how close we were to the mark until the announcement comes out that Cameron Diaz and John Cusack are getting married (don’t hold your breath…).

Tyra Banks


Beautiful and ambitious are two words we would use to describe Tyra Banks. Strong and successful, Banks doesn’t¬† have anything to prove; however, we don’t think that would stop her from getting a big and sparkly engagement ring. It would take a pretty amazing engagement ring to impress Tyra Banks and everyone else would expect nothing less than a 5 carat diamond. We’d like to see Tyra Banks wearing a princess cut diamond engagement ring, like this one:


Cameron Diaz Engagement Ring


Cameron Diaz’s views on marriage were recently reported widely. She has said that marriage is not important to her, so she obviously chooses not to wear an engagement ring at all. If she were to change her mind, this is the ring we’d pick for her. An engagement ring should reflect the wearer’s personality so we would want the ring to be as fun and unpretentious as she seems to be. A platinum ring like the one we’ve selected is modern and fresh rather than old-fashioned, perfect for Cameron Diaz:


John Cusack Wedding Band


Someone who has held out for as long as John Cusack probably won’t want something flashy, that’s for sure. In fact, it’s hard to imagine him wearing any jewelry at all, let alone a wedding band (image: Scene from 2012 – The only accessorizing Cusack does in real life is his signature pair of dark sunglasses.

Oprah Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set

Oprah Winfrey engagement ring

Someone as organized and mindful as Oprah would probably go for a matching set for her engagement ring and wedding ring. She is so independent and strong I’m sure she would want to be involved in the selection. Although maybe the romantic side of her would prefer to be surprised, who knows…

Here is a classic (and classy) set that we’ve chosen for her: