Celebrities are natural trend-setters, as the paparazzi swoop in daily  to note who pulls off their look with flair, and what (or who) they wear, or  how they style their hair. But when it comes to the true icons of style, we are in the Realm of the Royals. Women such as Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana were style personified in their day, but who are the heirs to the throne? Fortunately we are  indeed blessed to live in an era with its own fashion royalty.  Who are these fashion heads of state? These embodiments of elegance and grace? Let’s start with Britain’s new crown jewel, Kate Middleton:

Princess Charming

With classic beauty and natural poise, Kate has captured the fashion world’s attention. Her  style is instantly copied as soon as she steps out- and she always finds the right way to accessorize her frock. Not one for over-doing the bling, Kate instead chooses exquisite jewelry that compliments both the sweetness of  her smile and chicness of her style. Here, Kate’s jewelry works perfectly  with her upswept hair and romantic neckline.

Kate Middleton

If you too would like to sparkle like a princess, these lovely diamond earrings would do nicely.

diamond hoop earrings

American Royalty

As the mother  of America’s First Family, Michelle Obama embodies strength and self-possession, and never fails to dress to impress.  Often seen in bold jewel-toned color and figure-flattering designs, Michelle’s look conveys  confidence with class. Not afraid to make a statement with unique jewelry, the First Lady leads the nation in fashion for today’s woman: feminine, powerful, and in control. We are quite certain Michelle’s appearance of beauty and elegance in the spotlight contributed in no small measure to her husband’s re-election. Who wouldn’t vote for the man behind this regal woman?

These two examples show Michelle’s ability of offset her formal  gowns with stunning jewelry. We especially love the brilliant  pearl and floral necklace with her magenta dress.

Michelle Obama


If you want to command attention like  Michelle Obama, how about this lovely floral necklace to add some glimmer   to your look?

silver floral necklace