Just a few days to July 4th and time to look through your closet for all things red, white, and blue!

Indoor Fireworks

Did you click on the video? The perfect soundtrack for this section. What would be more romantic than presenting your soul mate with some diamonds during the fireworks? Make sure you are cuddled up on a deck or in a hotel room with a view of the display in the night sky. Guaranteed that you will create some of your own indoor fireworks.

Diamond earrings are always a good choice – they make a great commitment-free gift for a girlfriend and they are also are a special treat for your wife. Remember, jewelry shouldn’t always commemorate a special milestone or occasion – the best gifts come as a complete surprise. You can buy a very nice set of diamond earrings for less than $80 or you can go get some real celebrity-style icing and get earrings for several thousand dollars.

Danforth Diamond Diamond Stud Earrings

Happy Birthday

Gina Lollobrigida was born on July 4, 1927. She is actually Italian but was engaged to New York real estate heir George Kaufman for a brief period in 1969 and also was a Hollywood actress, starring in movies with Humphrey Bogart, Burt Lancaster, and Rock Hudson. At one point she was known as ‘the world’s most beautiful woman.’ Gina Lollobrigida on Scooter

She is wearing the perfect outfit for a July 4th picnic.

Add some celebrity icing to your style:

Check out this cute dress is from Tokyo Pink.

Blue checkered summer dress off the shoulder

Accessorize with a vespa coin purse from etsy.com if you don’t drive the real thing. Also note, if you think a red, white, and blue color theme is too much you can try a light blue, pink, and white coordination like this one for your July 4th style instead.

Vespa Scooter Coin Purse

And don’t forget the most important July 4th accessory of all, a picnic blanket!

American Flag picnic blanket

American Sweetheart

Do you see fireworks when you kiss your American sweetheart? Propose on Independence Day and you will! Here is the perfect engagement ring for the day you give up your independence and start living the American dream – a house, a dog, some kids… okay, let’s just start with the ring, shall we?

American sweetheart engagement ring Danforth Diamond

The heart-shaped diamond and vintage-looking scroll pattern evoke old-fashioned romance. The cathedral style setting makes the most of the diamond and shows you are serious.