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Hollywood’s leading men are not likely marriage prospects for most. But a gal’s gotta dream, doesn’t she? This post is dedicated to fantasy- and is a tribute- to the men whose on and off screen characters has them shining in a category all their own. Lord of the Rings Author, poet, musician and photographer, Viggo [...]

July is best known as America’s birthday, but these hot celebs also throw their birthday shindigs in July. These beautiful stars are on some of the biggest TV shows of the year, and I’m sure their success will be reflected at their b-day bashes this month. Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) – July 10th Sofia is [...]

True Blood’s fifth season started June 10th on HBO, and there wasn’t a dull moment. Chock full of shock, the season opener shows more promise than last year’s story arc already. Here’s a look at the otherworldly ladies of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Pam Swynford¬†DeBeaufort At the end of last season, bad boy extraordinaire, Eric Northman, [...]

Part of NBC’s fall line-up, Revenge is getting a lot of attention, including some of the biggest ratings for ABC in years. The show stars Emily VanCamp as Amanda Clarke, aka Emily Thorne, a woman set on destroying those who destroyed her father. After rubbing elbows with the Hamptons elite during Amanda’s childhood, her father [...]

Today we are going to look at the popular TV show Parenthood. This TV series, now in its second season, is about a family tree with a wide variety of branches. Each of the female characters on the show has a distinct style and Celebrity Icing has taken on the challenge of selecting jewelry for [...]

This week, Celebrity Icing takes a look at some of our favorite female comedians and their style. Carol Burnett I spent a big chunk of my childhood watching television and the Carol Burnett show was definitely a highlight. I remember laughing and laughing during the Gone With The Wind skit even though I hadn’t even [...]

This week Celebrity Icing is going to feature a few celebrity chefs. When it comes to cooking, I like their style, so I’ve selected some celebrity icing (jewelry) inspired by them. I also like their style of cooking, so I’ve selected a recipe from each of them as well. We have Paula Deen and her [...]

Happy Birthday Sweet 16 Celebrity Children are All Grown Up Prince’s son and Madonna’s daughter are both 16 years old this year, as are Jude Law’s son and Martin Lawrence’s daughter. Lindsay Lohan’s little sister Dakota turns 16 this year as well. Celebrity Teens Hollywood can be confusing. Some of its senior citizens look like [...]

Ever notice how the TV show Parenthood is actually just a more middle class version of the cancelled (but awesome) TV show Dirty Sexy Money? Let’s compare shall we? And while we are at it, we can compare the character’s styles as well… Dirty Sexy Money The Darling family look to sensible, reliable family man [...]

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