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There’s been a resurgence in the popularity of Americana, roots and folk music over the last few years. Acoustic instrument sales are up, and you can hear banjo’s twanging away on the radio in the even the poppiest of rock songs. Here are a few of the women who have dominated Billboard’s Folk Music chart [...]

This week Celebrity Icing is going to feature a few celebrity chefs. When it comes to cooking, I like their style, so I’ve selected some celebrity icing (jewelry) inspired by them. I also like their style of cooking, so I’ve selected a recipe from each of them as well. We have Paula Deen and her [...]

St. Patricks Day Parties

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You know St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner when a certain popular American restaurant starts serving minty milkshakes. Celebrity Icing pays tribute to one of the funnest days of the year: Green Beer If you’re at a house party on March 17th and you drink, then you better have a green beer in [...]

Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day Celebrity Icing brings you some delicious rock candy – precious gems that sweeten your day, tasty treats to decorate your décolletage, and shiny candy for your sweetheart. Wristy Business A multi strand pearl bracelet evokes a feeling of nostalgia for days gone by – and, unlike the candy bracelet, just [...]

Ever notice how the TV show Parenthood is actually just a more middle class version of the cancelled (but awesome) TV show Dirty Sexy Money? Let’s compare shall we? And while we are at it, we can compare the character’s styles as well… Dirty Sexy Money The Darling family look to sensible, reliable family man [...]

I can’t believe it’s already September 1st! Here comes Fall!  This week we continue our flashback to the 80’s – when everyone was getting their colors done. Last December, I featured the method of determining which colors work for you in an article, “The 1980?s Called and Asked: What Season Are You?“  All fun aside, [...]

Just a few days to July 4th and time to look through your closet for all things red, white, and blue! Indoor Fireworks Did you click on the video? The perfect soundtrack for this section. What would be more romantic than presenting your soul mate with some diamonds during the fireworks? Make sure you are [...]

Katharine Hepburn

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We recently featured Audrey Hepburn here at celebrityicing.com, so this month when I was looking for a new celebrity to feature, I naturally thought of the other famous Hepburn… Katherine Born on May 12 1907, Katherine Hepburn was a Taurus. Although I’m sure she would have thought the very idea was ‘poppycock.’ Yet Taurians (is [...]

Running With the Cool Crowd

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The weather is getting warmer, the sun is out, and that means it’s time to get outside. No more excuses about the weather to stop you from getting out there! I love to run, and nicer weather is always that extra inspiration. Famously Fit Here are some celebrity runners to inspire you to hit the [...]

Does the name Edith Head sound familiar? “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.” (Edith Head) If you’re a fan of classic movies, you’ve seen this name roll by on the credits more times than you can count. According to her page on [...]

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