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Glamour Girl Love her or hate her- there is no denying Kim Kardashian turns heads. And her power to influence fashion is not from nothing- the  raven-haired beauty was the highest-earning reality star in 2010 – a cool $6 million, give or take. Sometimes shabby-chic in boho scarves and over-sized sunglasses, this  queen of the social [...]

I can’t believe it’s already September 1st! Here comes Fall!  This week we continue our flashback to the 80’s – when everyone was getting their colors done. Last December, I featured the method of determining which colors work for you in an article, “The 1980?s Called and Asked: What Season Are You?“  All fun aside, [...]

Olympic Style Stars

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Celebrity Icing Features Favorite Looks for the Winter Olympics Of course, all of the 1200 torchbearers are celebrities for at least a few minutes, while they participate in the relay. Many of them are already famous in Canada as well, if not the whole world. Everyone knows Wayne Gretzky, but not everyone will be familiar [...]

We all know that A list celebrities can afford the very best of the best. We also know that most of them are following strict diets to maintain their famous figures. What if you have a sweet tooth and a fat bank account but you’re on a calorie budget? It’s all about quality not quantity… [...]

Another Article About Michael Jackson

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You may not have danced outside the Apollo Theatre and you may not have tickets to the Memorial today. Perhaps like me, you pulled a bunch of old Jackson 5 videos up on YouTube and had a dance party in your living room as you introduced the songs to your children… Or perhaps you just spent some time feeling grateful for your own family, your good health, and your ability to walk around this world freely and enjoy the sunshine.

A Diamond Ring Every Anniversary?

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Apparently, this is what works for Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott. McDermott reset the anniversary gift bar, by deciding to start a tradition of his very own… presenting his wife with a new diamond anniversary ring each year. This year, she was double-diamonded, with a ring duet, composed of one brilliant yellow diamond [...]

Iced But Still Fabulous

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This week Celebrity Icing has some icy words for the cold hearted folks at the networks who are punishing me by canceling shows I like and forcing me to spend lots of money on pay per view movies because there is nothing on… Once again a whole slew of great shows has been cancelled and [...]

Outside the voting station in her hometown Wasilla, Alaska this morning, Sarah Palin spoke of “the historic import of a campaign that will end with the election of the first black president or the first woman vice president.” ( Whether you voted for the winner or not, there is no denying that this is an [...]

She went from California Cute to Kohl-Eyed and Kinky (dancing around in her bra with another girl in front of a photographer? What the heck?). One thing remains the same, she is still trying to fit in to a crowd – this time it’s models and artists instead of privileged preppies…

Diamonds Cure Cancer?

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Maybe Diamonds are EVERYONE’s best friend?  According to an article published on today, “The researchers at Northwestern University developed a patch made of nanodiamonds, tiny bits of diamonds consisting of few groups of carbon atoms that will be used to deliver chemotherapy drugs more effectively.” These miniscule diamond pieces help to release the drugs [...]

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