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July is best known as America’s birthday, but these hot celebs also throw their birthday shindigs in July. These beautiful stars are on some of the biggest TV shows of the year, and I’m sure their success will be reflected at their b-day bashes this month. Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) – July 10th Sofia is [...]

Happy Birthday Sweet 16 Celebrity Children are All Grown Up Prince’s son and Madonna’s daughter are both 16 years old this year, as are Jude Law’s son and Martin Lawrence’s daughter. Lindsay Lohan’s little sister Dakota turns 16 this year as well. Celebrity Teens Hollywood can be confusing. Some of its senior citizens look like [...]

Oh, Blair. Not everyone can pull this one off. Many of us would end up looking like a sunday school teacher or a time traveler from 1985. You can get a similar look by shopping at any store that caters to older women (Ann Taylor Loft for example).

Which Gossip Girl’s Style Suits You? Take this quick quiz to find out which Gossip Girl style is perfect for you… Are You a Vanessa, Blair, Serena, or Jenny?

If you’re city folk like me, you spend a lot of time surrounded by the manmade, manufactured, mass produced environment of offices, grocery stores, traffic, and shopping malls. And, even though I work from home, I spend too much time in front of my computer with a few houseplants scattered here and there – and not enough time in my backyard or the nearby parks…

Website OMG ICU (omgicu.com) allows users to share New York City star sightings with each other.

Who is Chuck Bass? A character like Chuck Bass only come along once in a while and then suddenly the cable bill doesn’t seem like such a useless waste of money after all. We revel in his badness, we feel for his vulnerability – and we’re attracted to him, even though we know it would [...]

Thanksgiving on Gossip Girl Eleanor Waldorf announces her engagement to Cyrus Rose! Cyrus is played by the excellent Walllace Shawn – who we’ve seen before in the Clueless TV series and the movie the Princess Bride, and he’s perfect for this role. Eleanor shows a softer side as she actually puts Blair first for a [...]

She went from California Cute to Kohl-Eyed and Kinky (dancing around in her bra with another girl in front of a photographer? What the heck?). One thing remains the same, she is still trying to fit in to a crowd – this time it’s models and artists instead of privileged preppies…

So this week on Gossip Girl: Serena’s mom Lily gets the ugliest emerald necklace I’ve ever seen from her new husband. She was hoping for a nude photograph of herself instead (if you don’t watch the show, don’t ask…) so it’s hard to tell if her look of disappointment is due to the fact that [...]

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