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Celebrities are known to spare no expense when it comes to special occasions, and what could be more special than the arrival of a newborn?  After all, while baby might begin with a  twinkle in Daddy’s eye,  Mommy certainly deserves some sparkle for her  labor pains! Rachel Zoe The always spectacular Rachel Zoe received a [...]

Part of NBC’s fall line-up, Revenge is getting a lot of attention, including some of the biggest ratings for ABC in years. The show stars Emily VanCamp as Amanda Clarke, aka Emily Thorne, a woman set on destroying those who destroyed her father. After rubbing elbows with the Hamptons elite during Amanda’s childhood, her father [...]

There’s been a resurgence in the popularity of Americana, roots and folk music over the last few years. Acoustic instrument sales are up, and you can hear banjo’s twanging away on the radio in the even the poppiest of rock songs. Here are a few of the women who have dominated Billboard’s Folk Music chart [...]

Today we are going to look at the popular TV show Parenthood. This TV series, now in its second season, is about a family tree with a wide variety of branches. Each of the female characters on the show has a distinct style and Celebrity Icing has taken on the challenge of selecting jewelry for [...]

This week, Celebrity Icing takes a look at some of our favorite female comedians and their style. Carol Burnett I spent a big chunk of my childhood watching television and the Carol Burnett show was definitely a highlight. I remember laughing and laughing during the Gone With The Wind skit even though I hadn’t even [...]

This week Celebrity Icing is going to feature a few celebrity chefs. When it comes to cooking, I like their style, so I’ve selected some celebrity icing (jewelry) inspired by them. I also like their style of cooking, so I’ve selected a recipe from each of them as well. We have Paula Deen and her [...]

April Showers Bring May Flowers If we didn’t get any rain, we certainly wouldn’t see any rainbows. Rain makes our gardens grow and fills up our ponds. Rain is Beautiful Rain Drops Here are some drop earrings with freshwater pearls. Rain is Fun Rain gives us puddles to splash in. Here is super model Lily [...]

St. Patricks Day Parties

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You know St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner when a certain popular American restaurant starts serving minty milkshakes. Celebrity Icing pays tribute to one of the funnest days of the year: Green Beer If you’re at a house party on March 17th and you drink, then you better have a green beer in [...]

Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day Celebrity Icing brings you some delicious rock candy – precious gems that sweeten your day, tasty treats to decorate your décolletage, and shiny candy for your sweetheart. Wristy Business A multi strand pearl bracelet evokes a feeling of nostalgia for days gone by – and, unlike the candy bracelet, just [...]

It’s time to start Christmas shopping for the stars in your life. Christmas means toys for girls and boys, but what about the grown ups? Kids of all ages love to find something shiny and new under the tree: something picked just for them, wrapped up in fancy paper, and given with love. Here are [...]

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