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Legacy of Love In 1982, Princes Diana, married one year to Prince Charles, gave birth to her son William, or “Wills” as she called him. The world watched in wonder as the Royal family grew. Joined soon by baby brother Prince Harry, the four of them seemed the perfect family. We all know how that [...]

Hollywood’s glitterati know that red carpet events turn heads. Award shows and movie premiers offer opportunities for opulence and dazzling displays of glamour, so perhaps the most brilliant thing about the Cannes Film Festival, which kick starts the summer every year in the south of  France, is that there are umpteen events at which the [...]

This month the must-see movie is The Great Gatsby, and why is this film generating so much buzz? Start with star power extraordinaire!  Based on the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and directed by Baz Luhrman (who also directed the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet, as well as  Moulin Rouge- so expect dazzling [...]

Glamour Girl Love her or hate her- there is no denying Kim Kardashian turns heads. And her power to influence fashion is not from nothing- the  raven-haired beauty was the highest-earning reality star in 2010 – a cool $6 million, give or take. Sometimes shabby-chic in boho scarves and over-sized sunglasses, this  queen of the social [...]

We are still star-struck by this year’s Oscar extravaganza – Hollywood’s big night to shine didn’t disappoint. When all eyes are expecting big  glamour, big  style, and yes, the occasional  big disaster, every detail is chosen with the greatest care. Here are our top three looks from this year’s biggest and brightest award show: Statuesque [...]

While Hollywoods celebs display the latest runway  looks on the red carpet,  fashion is often inspired by the characters that  actors play on the silver screen, and 2012 was no exception. Several movies that made their  debut in late 2012 featured exquisite period costumes- every piece of lace and  every sparkly  gem  the work of [...]

Sirens of Song

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Everyone knows music influences fashion- or does fashion influence music? Either way, the pop charts  seem to be dominated  by women whose style hits all the right notes.  For those of us who aren’t in the spotlight, the over the top glam of Lady Gaga or Niki Minaj might look a little out of reach, [...]

Celebrating Camelot

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Celebrities are natural trend-setters, as the paparazzi swoop in daily  to note who pulls off their look with flair, and what (or who) they wear, or  how they style their hair. But when it comes to the true icons of style, we are in the Realm of the Royals. Women such as Jackie Kennedy and [...]

Scarlet Starlets

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They say blonds have more fun, but Hollywood’s famous red-heads shine with a light all their own.   These three actresses were born with flaming tresses and a flare for the dramatic, and they  know just how to ornament their natural good looks. Red Gold A classic beauty, acclaimed actress Julianne  Moore has both range [...]

Wrapped Around His Finger

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Hollywood’s leading men are not likely marriage prospects for most. But a gal’s gotta dream, doesn’t she? This post is dedicated to fantasy- and is a tribute- to the men whose on and off screen characters has them shining in a category all their own. Lord of the Rings Author, poet, musician and photographer, Viggo [...]

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