It’s hot outside, so it’s time to turn up the temperature and get your style sizzling!

Who Says You Can’t Wear Black in Summer?

Not Serena Williams who looks very cool in this black bikini.

Her bikini says, “It’s all about me” (literally).

Serena Williams in bikini


If you are going to wear black during the hot days of summer just be aware of the fabric you select. Try natural fabrics like cotton, or my favorite – bamboo. A small percentage of synthetic fibre (rayon, spandex, etc) will help your clothes keep their shape and also prevent them from wrinkling.

When it comes to wearing black in the summer, think ‘less is more’. You don’t want to wear black clothing from head to toe, a black bikini or short summer slip dress will be more comfortable than a long sleeved shift or a full length skirt. Black and white are the ultimate high contrast combination for the intense light of a summer day and work well with most skin tones.

I love black straw sun hats with huge rims (think Audrey Hepburn) but they are not very practical for summer. You are not only wearing a hat to protect your hair and head from the sun, you are wearing it to keep cool and protect yourself from sun stroke as well – therefore black is not the best color choice. Wear a white hat or natural straw color instead.

Little Black (Summer) Dress

The LBD works year round -as seen by this pretty example from BCBG.

Black summer dress

Black Diamonds

Accessorize with some black ice, like this diamond ring with black and white diamonds.

black diamond rings

Wear this bracelet made out of glass beads at your next summer party – the perfect accessory for a fancy cocktail.

black glass bracelet

Hot to Trot

Keep your feet cool this summer with cute black sandals from Nine West.

black sandals