One of my all time favorite actors Audrey Hepburn, is probably more famous for her style than her actual acting talent (although she had both).

Here are some classic Hepburn looks to inspire your shopping.

Breakfast At Tiffanys

This is probably one of the most famous looks for Hepburn, from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While main character Holly Golightly would tell you that today smoking is “tres boring”, the rest of the look stands up very well to time. Calvin Klein makes a similar dress, which is available at Macy’s.

A vintage, or retro-inspired, beaded necklace like the one below from would make your Hepburn look.

Some fancy looking earrings that are actually cubic zirconia (because when you are Holly Golightly, you cash in the expensive gifts for rent and then wear something that just looks good).

And here is a tutorial on how to get your hair to do an updo like Audrey.


Here is Hepburn in one of my favorites, the movie Charade (she starred with Cary Grant). This is the classic movie character disguise used, not something that would work in real life, so only wear this if you want to get noticed, not if you want to hide out.

Vonzipper glasses to hide behind, from

A plain white scarf is tres boring, so how about this Longchamp scarf instead? A New York themed scarf as a nod to Breakfast at Tiffany’s or a Paris-themed scarf in honor of the setting of the movie Charade.

I believe this is a candid shot of Audrey Hepburn on the studio lot (see how her bicycle has her name on it?). Hepburn on a casual day.

Ignore the horrible heels, here are some white cigarette pants (I couldn’t find any blue checkered ones) from

Pair the shoes with the pants and add any simple short sleeved shirt and a cool bicycle and you’ve got a fresh look for Spring (dog not included).

Another favorite photo. Look closely – she’s basically wearing a yoga sweatshirt, but she makes it look so classy. Almost makes you want to NOT like her, but it’s impossible because she’s so cute.