Legacy of Love

In 1982, Princes Diana, married one year to Prince Charles, gave birth to her son William, or “Wills” as she called him. The world watched in wonder as the Royal family grew. Joined soon by baby brother Prince Harry, the four of them seemed the perfect family. We all know how that story ended, years of scandal and heartache, culminating in the tragic death of Princess Diana. This picture, however, captures only the purity of a mother’s love for her beloved boys, as well as the unmistakable elegance  for which Diana was so well known.

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry

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A New Beginning

Flash forward thirty-one years, and little “Wills” is all grown up, a proud Daddy married to the “fairest of the land”- the always graceful Kate Middleton. Here the new parents are both glowing with love and life, cherishing their just days-old baby, Prince George. While we are sure sleepless nights and weary days await these two, (who will no doubt be as hands-on with parenting as Princess Di was known to be), how lovely it is to see them shining with happiness over their new blessed babe.


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Hush Little Baby

And let’s look at the wee prince now, and a bonny one he is! What a lucky boy, to be welcomed into the world by such loving parents, not to mention some rather notable grandparents and great grandparents!  The whole world seemed to hush for a moment as he was presented. We are sure his grandmother Diana was watching too, her heart full of love at the birth of this new royal family.

George Alexander Louis

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